Garage Makeover as A Way of Increasing the Home Resale Value

The resale value of one's home depends on several factors such as its age, location and the selling prices of the surrounding homes as well. Property owners can also approximate the value of their houses by its looks and appearance. Smartly selected house upgrades and improvements play a crucial role in figuring out its resale value as well. Investing in garage makeovers is also the latest strategy that most homeowners use today to increase the worth of their homes especially when planning to put it on sale later on in the year. The makeovers come with a vast range of benefits when it comes to the property's resale value as seen below.

Including new garage doors increases the resale value of the homes

Even though the return on investment keeps varying from one year to another, buying and fixing new garage doors is among the consistent and sound residential improvements that impact significantly on the resale value. Studies show that the garage door replacements yield way more than 90% ROI. The doors amount to up to one-third of the home's exterior appearance which is the reason why most sellers today invest in them to improve the curb appeal. The potential buyers readily notice and love quality garage doors and may be willing to spend a few extra coins to get the house. Be sure to learn more here!

Garage storage solutions

The contemporary garage Living offers many storages and organizational solutions that enhance any space including the specialty storage racks to keep the garage floor free of clutter, garage Slatwall storage that comes with hanging accessories and garage storage cabinets for the tools and equipment. It is common to take the garage cabinetry when one moves, but most chances are that one may love the garage solutions that they take everything with them. Those that may be downsizing or moving to a condo, however, may get a higher resale value if they have quality garage storage solutions in place. Be sure to learn more here!

Fresh garage floor coating

A cracked and dull looking concrete garage floor will compromise the resale value of the premises which is the reason why it is worth taking time and sacrificing some money to repaint the floor of the garage. While going for the durable coatings is a wise decision, the decorative flake surfaces that are sealed with a long-lasting top layer are better.  Learn more about garage at

The garage space may also be appealing to some prospective buyers while the insulation on the other and may help one to achieve energy efficiency.

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